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The host of BC's first annual Designathon

What's a "designathon"?


/dəˈzīn əˌTHän/



A Designathon is like a hackathon but for "CAD"ing instead of coding.


It is an annual competition hosted by design leagues across universities. This competition provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge for solving real-world problems given by industry partners—through design-thinking, Computer Aided Design (CAD), prototyping, 3D-printing, and teamwork. Winners of local Designathons are invited to an annual National Designathon hosted by the National Design League (NDL).

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Industry Partner /

You can help us by providing: ​


For engineering & architecture companies: send a representative from your company to be present at our competition to provide industry insight about engineering & architecture, give feedback to student designs, and motivate students to develop their CAD and design skills. You can also become an 
INDUSTRY PARTNER by sponsoring one of our design prompts:

- Work with us in creating the design challenges

- Judge submissions (and find candidates for your internship opportunities!)

- Gain sponsorship benefits! Refer to tier list in sponsorship package. For more information, please email us!

Monetary Sponsorship

Any amount would be greatly appreciated! All the proceeds will go towards this event and our future workshops and competitions for
students (no admission fee). We provide many sponsorship benefits such as access to our student talent pool (in-person and through resumes), advertisement, your company's merch distribution, keynote speeches, and more! We can customize perks! For more info, please refer to our sponsorship package. 

Discounts / Gifts

Provide us with discounts or with gifts such as: 

- Printing services (we need to print many posters/flyers and 3 banners at our event!)
- Modeling equipment (paper, cardboard, tape, glue, clay, etc.)
- Tools (mechanical tools, sketching tools, 3D-printers, etc.)
- Food & beverages (to keep students motivated and energized through the competition)

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